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Accessibility Organization for Afghan Disabled
Established in May 2007

AOAD Achievements

AOAD Achievements since the establishment of 2007:AOAD Achievements since the establishment of 2007:
AOAD has implemented 67 projects in the below mentioned provinces and cities.
1. Constructed more than 580 ramps in 250 public buildings (schools, health clinics, Mosques, governmental departments).
2. Provided skills development training to more than 5400 persons with disabilities and other vulnerable people through the projects implemented in different parts of the country.
3. Lobbied for jobs for 150 persons with disabilities in different posts in different government and non-government organizations about their job, who are having education.
4. Rehabilitated and integrated to education 200 children with disabilities and enrolled them in public school system.
5. AOAD provided skills development training such us computer to 290 trainees (220 male and 70 female) youngster’s children with disabilities and their immediate family members in Ningarhar province.


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